Friday, August 13, 2010

In Memory of Matthew Shoemaker

Matthew Shoemaker
(1973 - 2010)

On Friday, July 30, Matthew Shoemaker passed away.  Matthew was a host and co-founder of one of my favorite podcasts, Infosec Daily.  Even though I never got the opportunity to meet him in person, I feel that through listening to the podcast each night, I did get to know him, and I will miss hearing his insight into the world of information security.

The ISD podcast has a page set up in memory of Matthew, which you can find here.  The page links as well to a paypal account for donations to the Matthew Shoemaker Memorial Fund, which has been set up to help provide for his two sons.  There is also a memorial episode of the podcast (episode 185), in which many friends of Matthew who had spoken on the podcast in the past gathered to reminisce and pay tribute to their friend.

A conference in his memory is also in the works. Called ShoeCon, it will be held September 18th in Atlanta.  Proceeds from the con will go to the Matthew Shoemaker Memorial Fund. More information can be found at the Infosec Daily website.

Please keep Matthew's family in your thoughts and prayers.