Saturday, January 3, 2015

Return to Strongman and Fundraising

I've told many of you about this, but now it's official, so I'm making the announcement here: I'm returning to strongman competition this spring.  Today I sent in my entry form for the first North America's Strongest Disabled Man (NASDM).  My original plan was to try to compete in powerlifting this year and strongman next.  The combination of this competition being held and my recovery going much faster than originally anticipated has lead me to choose to push my timetable forward.

The competition will be held on April 18th in Columbus, OH in conjunction with the NAS sanctioned Big Phil Brown Classic.  Chris, the organizer, has made a very generous decision.  The registration fee for NASDM will be refunded if we show up to compete.  This lowers the barrier for entry while still providing incentive to not back out at the last minute.

That said, there are still a lot of costs associated with preparing and traveling to the competition. While I would prefer to not ask for help, and I do not feel entitled to help, I recognize that I won't be able to afford this on my own.  Several people have already expressed interest in helping me financially, and I've come up with several ways you can do so if you are willing and able.

First, I have stickers available.  The stickers are of my logo with the words "One-Legged Lightning" underneath.  The size is a little over 2"x3".  I'll have these for $1 each, after 3 they'll be $.75

Second, there will be t-shirts.  The logo will be on the front, and the back will say "One-Legged Lightning" and have sponsor logos.  If no sponsors are found, the back will be blank.  Sponsors can contact me through Facebook or e-mail (found on my contact page) and we can arrange something.  Shirts will be available for $15.  I'll take orders until March 15, then I'll place the order for the shirts. I won't do another run unless sufficient interest is shown, because the shirts will cost less the more shirts we order. Depending on sponsors, I may be able to order a few extra in some sizes so that people can get them later, but don't bank on this.

Third, I have another GoFundMe.  Any funds obtained through other methods will also be added here so people can see how much has been raised total.  I'll contact donors on GoFundMe about whether or not they would like some stickers for their donation.

Contact me through Facebook, my Facebook page, or e-mail if you'd like to get shirts or stickers.

I'll try to be as transparent about this as possible. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help out. The more money I can raise for this, the easier my prep will be. Once travel and lodging expenses are taken care of, any extra will go towards food/supplements/equipment.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Birthday/Ampuversary Celebration Announcement

Today is my birthday (the 24th that I've had thus far), and Sunday is my ampuversary.  To commemorate both occasions, tomorrow I'm getting together with Daniel and Destin, two great friends and training partners, to have a mock powerlifting meet of sorts.

I'll be doing bench press, deadlift, and overhead press. My goal numbers are 260lbs, 225lbs, and 155lbs, respectively. I would be doing squats, but I still have limited range in my knee, so that's out.

Before my accident, I had a competition best bench press of 260lbs, a competition best deadlift of 480lbs, and a 185lb strict overhead press.

I chose my bench press goal because it will tie my competition best. A 225lb deadlift is a nice milestone because it means two 45lb plates on each side of the bar. The overhead press goal just seemed like a nice number.

Considering that I was told I might not be walking until around this time, I'm really happy with how well my lifting has progressed. I've gone from weighing 167lbs when I came out of the hospital to being back at ~230lbs. My bench press has gone from a struggling 95lbs for 5 reps in March or April to 225lbs for 5 last week. I've pulled a 185lb deadlift for three reps. I've put a 145lb barbell and a 150lb log overhead. My confidence in hitting my goals tomorrow is pretty high.

Thanks for all the support everyone has given me. It's been quite the interesting year. I'm looking forward to updating everyone tomorrow.