Sunday, January 31, 2010

Computer Lab

It's interesting when I walk into a computer lab on campus. I always feel I have two choices when I walk in. Do I optimize my computer decision based on having an easy escape route from the room? Or would it be better to make the decision based on no one being able to see my screen?

Should I compromise a little on both?

If I compromise, how do I know which people to give the lowest threat ratings towards?

It's never as simple as just walking in and taking the closest computer, because you never know just how dangerous the computer lab can be. You never know just what the person next to you might catch on your screen, what they might be able to use as material for blackmail.

Maybe they catch your password and log in to your sites, wreaking havoc on your online identity. Or maybe they find out all about you, tracing all the sites you went to, finding your profiles and building a dossier on you to add to their collection.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid when I use public computers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goldfish Feeding Video!

A short video of Matcha and Sencha eating. I think they were a little camera shy! Normally they chase the food around the tank a little more agressively.

New Years Resolutions

Most people set their new years resolutions on New Years, if not before. Another thing most people do is slack off on what they had resolved to do by the end of January. Due to this, I've decided that waiting until the end of January is a much better idea, so I can't slack off by the end of January, thus bypassing the problem.

Monday, January 25, 2010


My brother has an aquarium that he keeps fish and turtles in. While helping him with the aquarium, I found that I really enjoyed learning about the fish and caring for the aquarium. I had found myself a new hobby.
The last time I had an aquarium was when I was little and we lived in Hawaii. I don't remember much about that, just that we had one and we had some fish. Yesterday I bought two fantail goldfish to start my new aquarium, and I've been watching them swim around happily since then.
When my fascination with aquariums started a few months ago I decided to get online and see if i could find any live videos of aquariums. I stumbled upon Jason's Fishcam and knew that I'd want to do something similar with my aquarium, if for no other reason than to be able to enjoy my aquarium wherever I happen to be.
If you want to check out my aquarium, you can find it on my Ustream channel, where it will stream pretty much every day.

Hope you enjoy, and check back often as I update about my aquarium and whatever else I feel like talking about!