Monday, February 3, 2014

GT500 Friends

I've received tons of letters from people wishing me a quick and successful recovery.  A huge percentage of the letters are from people I've never met and who don't know me.  These people were told my story by a man from my girlfriend Rachel's church (I'll leave his name out since I'm not sure if he would want it here).  This man and I have something in common, we both drive Shelby GT500s.  From what I've been told, he posted my story on an online forum and the response has been phenomenal.

I've appreciated every letter and message I've received, and these letters from complete strangers are no different.  While the only thing we might have in common is driving the same car, these people took the time out of their day to write me and give me encouragement and this means so much to me.

Thanks to everyone for the support, and happy birthday to my GT500 friend that got my story out there.

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