Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aquarium/Fishcam Update

I realize the fishcam has been down for quite some time.  I apologize for this, and have some explaining to do.

About a month ago I was getting read to turn the fishcam back on, but Albert started acting sick, and I didn't want video of a suffering fish broadcasting to the internet all day.  I figured I'd turn the cam back on after he got better.

He appeared to be suffering from mouth fungus, but I'm not entirely sure, as he never had more than one white tuft at a time.  His biggest symptom was lethargy, and lack of appetite.  During this time, Matcha seemed to be having no problems.

Albert started to get better, until one night the symptoms came back.  On the morning of the 12th, Albert died.  I cleaned the tank, medicated once more, to try to keep Matcha from getting sick, and hoped for the best.

After this, Matcha seemed to lose his appetite as well, and quickly got sick, with symptoms much worse than Albert's, and a faster onset.  Yesterday he too died.

Looking back on it, I know there were some things I should have done a little better, like medicating earlier, but there's no use in that sort of thinking.  For now, I have no fish. This will be the case until the spring, when I will try again, hoping for the best.

Until then, needless to say, the fishcam will continue to be down.  An announcement will be made when it is back up. 

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