Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hackers for Charity

After seeing the latest post on the Hacker's for Charity site, I decided I should write a quick post for my readers that don't know about this awesome organization so they too could lend their thoughts and prayers to Johnny Long and his family as they're currently going through some very rough times, both as a family and as an organization.

From the site:

What is HFC?

Picking on charities is just plain rude. Thankfully, that’'s not what we’'re about. We'’re about proving that hackers have amazing skills that can transform charitable organizations. We'’re about stepping into the gap to feed and educate the world’'s most vulnerable citizens. We are virtual, geographically diverse and different. We are Hackers for Charity.
So what do we do?

  • We feed children through our  "food for work" program.
  • We build computer labs to help students learn skills and land jobs that are key to disrupting poverty's vicious cycle. 
  • We provide technical assistance to charities that can not afford IT services.
  • We provide job experience and references to our volunteers.
Our largest project is headed by Johnny Long in East Africa. In June 2009, he and his family relocated to Uganda to focus on HFC full-time. Read more about their journey here or fund their volunteer work here. 

Any help that could be sent their way would be much appreciated by all involved in the project. It really is a wonderful thing they're doing, and they have great t-shirts as well.

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