Monday, February 1, 2010

New pages

New pages are being added to the site!

In addition to the page with the embedded Ustream, a new page featuring source code that I will release under a Creative Commons license has been added. A link can be found at the top of the site titled "Code." Also a link is at the bottom of the site to our current Creative Commons license terms if anyone would like to see them.

Another new addition to the site is the "Projects" page, in which I will detail current and future projects that I am/will working/work on. At the time of this posting, the page isn't linked, due to me not feeling like linking it right now. This will be remedied soon though, and if you really want to see it, it isn't too hard to find.

The addition of these pages should allow me to put much more content on the site in an organized fashion.

Other News:

The sidebar has also received a few new sections. One called "My Stuff" links you to content I've created around the web. The other called "Interesting Sites" links you to just that, sites that I find interesting and/or are run by friends or people I look up to.

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