Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Updates!

Yesterday started off pretty rough (some days are much better than others), but by the end things were going much more smoothly.

I had an appointment at the prosthetist's office and I was hoping for good news.  I used a walker to walk from the car to the elevator and into their office.  My goal was to get cast for my socket and my goal was met!

So now we've cast my leg and they will be creating the socket and building the prosthesis over the next week.  I have another appointment next Wednesday (4/9/2013) to try out the socket and prosthesis (at least, this is my understanding of what will happen).

Things are not going to change too drastically for now though.  Due to the fragility of my skin grafts, I'll have to follow a very regimented schedule of wearing my prosthesis.  For now, I'll only be allowed to wear it for 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 in the afternoon.

In other news, there is a team at Vanderbilt that has designed a powered ankle for below knee amputees and they need someone to test it that hasn't worn a prosthesis before.  My prosthetist told them about me and I'll be meeting the team next week at my appointment and we'll determine whether or not I'll be able to help with the research.  I  am a little excited to get to try something like this out.

Be on the lookout for videos next week!

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